Hi, everyone. How's it going?

I am doing very well! 
I haven't made a new entry for 5 days or so, have I?  That's simply because I've been very busy so I just couldn't get around it it. 

My life has been much better since my partner and I bought a second-hand Mitsubishi Lancer.  When I started driving, I was a bit nervous about parking and driving on the high way(, which I hadn't done even in Japan). But the more I have driven , the more I have gotten used to it and now I feel more comfortable about it. Actually I even feel excited about driving!!  When I try something new, I sometimes worry and think too much and end up taking a looong time before I actually start it. But I think that in terms of these kinds of things, you just take the plunge and do them without having a second thought!  I gotta break my old habit, don't I ?

Anyway, I am very happy with our car and I can clearly say that we made a right move. It doesn't really look like a second-hand car, you know! 

Now I can drive to town on my own so I can look around shops there to my content without feeling  guilty for dragging my partner's feet(he hates shopping!)  I feel more independent. What a nice feeling!

I've started to going to school (TAFE) too, in order to make friends and of course to study English. The beauty of this English class is it's free of charge!  Since my school is located in a rural area, the class is relatively small so it makes me feel relaxed and motivates me to improve my English skills.  It's been such a long time since I finished my school days so that adds more excitement to it, too!





ホント車を買ってよかった(^^) ランサーは新車並みに働いてくれてます。



英語メモ7(From オージードラマNeighbours)

英語メモ 7
From Neighbours ( 11/17放送分) 

【 】はその単語(表現)のドラマ上での意味や同類表現のみを示しています。

capitalise on~ ~を利用する、~に乗じる
This band’s going places and you can capitalise on that.

take ~ into consideration 【~(人、物、事)を考慮する】
Well, there are a lot of things to take into consideration.

can kiss ~ goodbye
Whatever it is, if Declan’s not back at training this week, he can kiss his AFL career goodbye.

be sold on~   【~(考えなど)をよいと思い込んでいる】
I am not totally sold on the look. It’s..it’s a bit 80’s.

no-no 【やって(言って、使って)はいけないもの、禁物】
That’d be discrimination and that’s a big no-no.

soppy 【いやに感傷的な、お涙ちょうだいの】
The soppy ones where people get all kissy and stuff.
( 登場人物みんながキスしたがったりするお涙ちょうだいものの映画だよ。)

make a name for oneself  【有名になる、名を上げる
You’ve been making a bit of name for yourself lately, haven’t you?

blatant 【見え透いた、露骨な】
Well, you have been a victim of blatant discrimination.

in one’s capacity as ~ 【~として、~の立場で】
I’m mainly here in my capacity as a friend to the parker family.

in proportion to~ 【~に比例して、~に応じて】
The family hope that we could find some kind of punishment that is more proportion to the offense.

strain 【ストレス, 負担、重圧】
As you can understand, the whole family’s been under a lot of strain lately.

prattle 【(大人が)(~について)子供のようにしゃべる、無駄話をする】

Sorry, I prattle when I get nervous.



英語メモ6(From オージードラマNeighbours)

英語メモ 6
From Neighbours ( 11/5放送分) 

【 】はその単語(表現)のドラマ上での意味や同類表現のみを示しています。

out of one’s hand  (人の)手(責任・支配)を離れて
You know, maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad thing if it was out of our hands.

suck face 【キスをする】
Scully, your staff and my staff are about to suck face on our time.

play innocent  【しらばっくれる
Don’t’ play innocent with me, Kennedy.

skint  【文無しの】
You paying for these coffees might help. Come on, I’m skint.

volunteer for 人 to ~ 【(人)に~することをもちかける】
You’re the one who volunteered for me to pay for this party.

think little of ~  【~を軽んじる、~をなんとも思わない】
Why do you think so little of yourself all of a sudden.
( どうして急に自分のことをダメな人間だって思うようになったの?)

weepy 【涙もろい、涙ぐんだ】
Are you one of these people who end up getting all weepy at these sort of things?

thrash~ 【~を打ち負かす、完敗させる】
We used to thrash him in the debating team at uni.



英語メモ5(From オージードラマNeighbours)

英語メモ 5
From Neighbours ( 11/4放送分) 

【 】はその単語(表現)のドラマ上での意味や同類表現のみを示しています。

turn up 現れる、姿を見せる=show up, appear
When you do work experience with me, you turn up on time or you get a fail.
(俺のところで職場体験するのなら時間厳守だぞ!さもなきゃ単位を落とす羽目になるからな !)

over the moon 【大喜びで、有頂天で】
I thought you’d be over the moon. Playing with the big boys! Congratulations!

sort out 【~を処理する、解決する
About your engagement party, well it’s all sorted out. I’ve booked this place for tomorrow.

nursery  【園芸店】
Can you remind me to go to the nursery at lunch time?

have a lead on ~  【~の手がかりを掴んでいる】
Susan, I think I may have a lead on Lennie.

grease monkey  【(車などの)機械工】
Ringo looked so hot in his grease monkey overall this morning.
( リンゴの機械工の作業服姿ったらホントかっこよかったぁ~。)

light- fingered 【手ぐせの悪い】
Yeah, just watch out for Rodney ‘cause he’s a bit light-fingered.

give ~ credit for・・・ 【~が・・・(性質など)を持っていると思う】
Except Karl’s a bit more sentimental than I gave him credit for.

put a sock in it. 【いい加減にしなさい、静かに!】
Put a sock in it, Donna.

ace 【最高の、一流の】
You’re ace and you’ll make an ace doctor, no matter what happens, ok?

in limbo 【宙ぶらりんになっている、不安定な(中途半端な)状態の】
With Logan gone, the band’s sort of in limbo at the moment.

falling-out 【ケンカ、不和】
You two had a falling-out or something?

vouch for~  【~を保証する】
You just totally embarrassed me. You know I vouched for you.

a wuss 【弱虫、意気地なし】
I’ve been a bit of a wuss.

cash in on~ 【~で儲ける】
I promise to stick around long enough to cash in on your fame and fortune.